• 1951  Born in Budapest, Hungary
  • 1975  M.Sc. degree at TU Budapest
  • 1986  Move to Vienna, Austria
  • 1975 – 2013  IT expert for various international companies
  • 2018  Start of my artistic journey

The true purpose of art is not to create beautiful objects. It is a method of understanding, a way of penetrating the world and finding one’s place in it.”

Paul Auster – Moon Palace



  • Dimension 3, Uptown Gallery, Graz, Austria
  • Art Walk, open-air exhibition, Tulln, Austria
  • Summer-Gallery, NV-Center-Galeries, Sankt Pölten, Austria
  • Art Session STP, Glanzstoff Hallen, Sankt Pölten, Austria
  • Licht & Schatten, CITYgallery, Vienna, Austria


  • Time To Inspire, Westfield SCS, Vösendorf, Austria
  • Let’s Dance, KreativRaum Galerie, Vienna, Austria
  • Abstract, CITYgallery, Vienna, Austria
  • Peace, Galerie am Park, Vienna Austria