My early fascination for tribal artworks has led me to create my personal collection of totems. After studying a range of tribal totems and wooden statues my sculptural totems showcase a variety of stylistic characteristics within my own designs. Tribal totems originally served ritual purposes in different ancient cultures. My totems are purely intended for decorative use are created from concrete, bamboo or wood and sealed for outdoor suitability.

Aboriginal Patterns

Nordic spruce painted | 2023

H 44cm | W 14cm | D 11cm | 1,52kg

Totem In Black

Nordic spruce painted | 2023

H 90cm | W 8cm | D 8cm | 2,73kg

Totem of Curved Surfaces - Study

air-dried clay painted | 2022

H 18cm | W 5cm | D 4cm | 0,29kg

Abstract Totem

Nordic spruce painted | 2022

H 83cm | W 7cm | D 6cm | 0,84kg

Nwantantay totem

ethnic group / culture: Bwa in Burkina Faso | 2022

H 156cm | W 16cm | D 13cm | 3,00kg

African totem

concrete-head:  Senufo ethnic group in Ivory Coast
bamboo-shaft: pattern  from different African cultures | 2020

H 167cm | D 11cm | 5,50kg

Aboriginal totem

ethnic group / culture: Tiwi on the islands Bathurst and Melville, Australia | 2020

H 70cm | W 8cm | D 8cm | 2,11kg 

Blue Totem

Nordic spruce painted | 2020

H 90cm | W 8cm | D 8cm | 2,54kg

Burned Totem

Nordic spruce burned and painted | 2021

H 90cm | W 8cm | D 8cm | 2,50kg